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Bennie Bos: The Young Entrepreneur Making Headlines Across the Netherlands for His Vision About Green Energy Through His Idea of Bike4Now

Published on July 04, 2020

Not everyone is born with the leadership ability and entrepreneurial mindset but only a few people. As we all know that world business dynamics are changing, and entrepreneurs are presenting simple and more viable solutions for different problems. One such solution has been presented by the Dutch entrepreneur Bennie Bos, the founder, and CEO of “Bike4Now”. This is a unique solution for urban or inner-city transportation.

Bennie Bos also owns the Netherlands leading electric and power solutions manufacturer and importer company “Bos Elektro BV”. Bennie Bos at this young age of only 20 years is offering the world entrepreneurial solutions for different problems through his vision and leadership ability.


Ben Bos says about Bike4Now “Make our most mobile transport in the Netherlands even more mobile than it is!”.

Bennie Bos’s idea is about solving the urban transportation problem is through the bike-sharing. His platform Bike4Now allows people to search for the available bikes through the mobile app and use the bike. When they have reached their destination, they can just leave the bike where it is. Bike4Now also charges their bikes with the help of green electricity making a way for eco-friendly bike charging systems.

He also told during the interview that “The bike-sharing system I created myself we had to get permits from the government. While trying to get them, the government came with a nice business proposal and we were able to sell our whole concept to the Gemeente Amsterdam. So, in a few years, the capital city of the Netherlands will be full of my own innovative bikes! How nice is that to see your own product in your environment”.

This idea is unique in many ways because it not only a solution for transport in urban areas but also a solution to avoid traffic and lower the traffic levels in the bigger cities. This is also an environmentally friendly idea because if more people will use bikes instead of personal vehicles, the emission levels through traffic would be cut by more than a half.

Bos Elektro BV

Bennie Bos also owns Bos Elektro BV a leading Dutch power solutions company that provides quality products and services worldwide in the field of cutting-edge power solutions. It is a family business that is expanding under the leadership and vision of the Bennie Bos. The company was founded in 1985, it is among the top companies that provide high tech solutions for power and electricity.

Bos Elektro BV is a family-owned business that Bos inherited from the family and now running and expanding the business through his vision and entrepreneurial mindset. Bos Elektro BV is a market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to the products related to power solutions. The company is making more progress under the leadership of Bennie Bos.

These days the company is manufacturing products such as floodlights, masts for floodlights, wire, cable, connection and main distribution boxes, heaters, dehumidifiers, and switching pieces of equipment. Apart from manufacturing company is also importing products and selling in the market.

Future Projects

During an interview, Bennie Bos expressed his vision about some possible future business projects, he said that he is looking forward to setting up mobile charging stations across the country (Netherlands). The idea is as simple as the Bike4Now. Bennie also told during the interview that he loves to invest money in new businesses and new ideas.

He also expressed his willingness towards moving forward to the green energy and manufacturing materials with a lower rate of power loss. The mobile charging stations will be set up in the Netherlands first and they will run on green energy. Bennie Bos expressed these views saying that he is thinking about the future.

Social Media Influencing

With the name of the @bennieejj Instagram account, Bennie Bos is also actively doing social media influencing and motivating a lot of people through the posts on his social media feed. On Instagram Bennie Bos has more than 22.2k followers and the number is rapidly growing. Through his post, Bennie is inspiring people to take hold of their lives and work hard so that they can make their dreams come true. Bennie Bos believes in never giving up on your dream concept and this is what he most of the time advises to all his young followers.

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