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Yasmin Brar

Behind Enemy Lines: Yasmin Brar’s Undercover Journey With Kingsman

The Reality of a Rescue Operation by USPA Nationwide Security’s Kingsman Division

Published on May 07, 2024

In an act of courage and commitment, Yasmin Brar, an executive at USPA Nationwide Security, recently undertook her first undercover mission with Kingsman, a specialized unit dedicated to rescuing trafficked individuals. This mission, her first, marks a pivotal moment in her career and underscores the critical work done by Kingsman.

The operation was set into motion following a desperate plea for help in locating a young woman in her late 20s who had been trafficked in the southeastern United States. The victim, whose location remains undisclosed for safety reasons, had suffered years of abuse and had been brutally punished in her attempts to escape her captors. Kingsman, operated by USPA Nationwide Security as a nonprofit division, was her last hope.

The Kingsman Team in Action

Kingsman’s approach to the rescue involved meticulous planning and coordination. The initial phase relied heavily on cyber and open-source investigations, along with key witness interviews, paving the way for on-the-ground surveillance by a seasoned team of operators. However, the operation required a female agent to infiltrate the location covertly due to the nature of the environment where the victim was held—a task that Yasmin bravely volunteered for.

Joined by heavily armed colleagues, Michael Evans, the founder of Kingsman and a seasoned kidnap recovery expert, and Brian Fitzgibbons, a leading missing persons investigator renowned for his appearances on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, Yasmin entered the dangerous world of human trafficking. Her disguise included hidden cameras, capturing crucial evidence while maintaining a delicate cover.

Inside the Operation

Throughout the mission, Yasmin was shadowed by Evans and Fitzgibbons, ensuring her safety with high-level security measures just a breath away. Additional executive protection agents provided overwatch, forming a protective bubble around the undercover operations.

The gravity of the situation became real for Yasmin as she witnessed the harsh realities faced by trafficked girls. Her work was not only about gathering evidence but also about understanding and conveying the human aspect of trafficking to support future rescue missions. Upon completing the mission, Yasmin handed over significant digital evidence to Fitzgibbons, moving the case closer to legal resolution and justice for the victim.

Reflecting on her experience, Yasmin shared her initial apprehensions and the reliance on her team’s expertise and protection. “I have to admit, I was nervous when we were driving to the location of the operation, but I knew that I could count on Mike and Brian if I needed them,” she stated.

Kingsman, formally known as Kingsman Philanthropic Corp., continues to be a last hope for many. Registered as a 501c3 nonprofit, its mission to assist missing, trafficked, and runaway girls has led to numerous successful recoveries annually. While primarily focused on human trafficking, Kingsman occasionally takes on other high-stakes cases, like the tragic investigation into the disappearance of pro lacrosse player Callum Robinson in Mexico.

Yasmin Brar’s courageous entry into undercover work with Kingsman highlights not only her personal commitment but also the broader dedication of USPA Nationwide Security in confronting human trafficking. Her experience sheds light on the persistent issues within our society and the ongoing need for vigilance and action in rescuing and protecting the vulnerable.

This mission has indeed been a testament to bravery, skill, in the pursuit of justice, serving as an inspiration to us all and a stark reminder of the challenges that still lie ahead in the fight against human trafficking.

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