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Bakermat Seeks Artistic Fulfillment on Sophomore Album ‘The Spirit’

Published on June 26, 2021

A certified electronic ringleader, Bakermat is a producer, performer, and funk maestro with enough vitality to fill a circus tent. Whether it’s a house number or funkified gospel-step, Bakermat’s repertoire is filled with unsuspecting genre crossovers. Since his career’s inception, Bakermat’s music has always been dedicated to the simple art of feeling good. His zesty productions have been heard and celebrated from every corner of the world. With music as unifying as his, it comes as no surprise that Bakermat’s second studio album The Spirit is a lively celebration of music and soul. Following the album’s genesis track “Ain’t Nobody” featuring gospel legend LaShun Pace, The Spirit arrives with the amazing grace of electro-swing. In its entirety, the album transcends genre queues coming full circle as a dazzling tapestry of sound woven by the hand of house, funk, soul, and contemporary dance music. Each track moves swiftly into the next creating a sense of oneness while maintaining a rich balance of diverging tempos and melodies. Destined for the mainstage, Bakermat’s The Spirit is a colorful riot and a brilliant sophomore LP.

“I wanted to go back to the roots with this album. Combining gospel, soul and folk samples with uplifting pianos and saxophones to create a collection of feel good songs perfect for the summer. The diversity in styles and genres is high and I experimented with elements of classical music and spoken word too. I hope this album can serve as a soundtrack for road trips, holidays and other fun times with friends and family. And lastly, I hope it inspires and connects people.” -Bakermat.

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