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Baby Cate Releases ​”Self Love”​ EP

Available on all streaming platforms

Published on May 07, 2020

Independent rapper and producer Baby Cate releases her raw and effortless EP ​Self Love​, available on all streaming platforms.

Entirely written and produced by the 23-year-old, Baby Cate finds a way to bring some form of positivity with her new EP, ​Self Love.​ It is short with four tracks, really three, but each song is unique in production and concept.

Hip hop is definitely at the forefront of this project, but the EP is also blended with elements of rock, pop, and alternative r&b. ‘Move On’ is a slow build to a satisfying guitar solo in the end while ‘Cry’ is a bass-led bop with sharp words that really cut through. ‘Xmas ‘17’ is a short interlude leading into ‘We Good.,’ a chill and vibey single released back in February.

The last time Cate dropped a body of work was in January of 2019 for ​Baby Cate: The Mixtape,​ which is again, completely self-made by the artist. “I’m a conceptual person, I prefer releasing projects instead of singles,” Cate says. “I like dropping work that people can digest and see a clear connection through songs.”

When asked about the process of production on her tracks, she explains, “It’s nice being a producer and having the freedom to be able to pick up a guitar and build, or make a beat, or start writing a hook that I hear in my head.”

To stream ‘Self Love’ check and to learn more about Baby Cate, visit her website​

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