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Aysia Launches Her Debut Single With UniversalCMG 1954

Shaking up the music industry, Aysia, the young talent from Houston, has just released her incredible debut single with UniversalCMG 1954

Published on August 10, 2021

UniversalCMG World Entertainment 1954 has yet again partnered with a talented artist Aysia, who has the makings of being America’s next big singing sensation. Today, UniversalCMG announced the release of Aysia’s debut single. Her single ‘Privacy’ will release August 31, 2021, followed by an incredible music video on VEVO.

A Houston, Texas resident, Aysia was passionate about music from the beginning and strove to make her dream of singing for a larger audience a reality. Her years of effort paid off when she started to gain a loyal following of music enthusiasts who were enchanted by her exceptional singing and vivacity. The same qualities landed her profile before UniversalCMG, who decided to scout an artist of her caliber.

UniversalCMG World Entertainment 1954 is a famous label that has helped launched some of the most exceptional entertainers and artists over the years. With offices in 10 different locations, experience in marketing and PR, and distribution partnership with Sony Orchard, UniversalCMG has become the center of opportunities for brilliant artists who have dedicated their lives to music.

Although Aysia is new to the music industry, she is already proving herself to be a remarkable singing prodigy who has the potential to enter the ranks of some of the best singers from her area. So far, she is dedicated to making a career in the music industry, and her commitment to her art is nothing short of exemplary. She is also creative and uses her unique perspective and experiences to add richness to her singing, making her stand out among the rest. Aysia’s single will be made available for Pre Sale August 17th.

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