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Award-Winning TV Producer Rodney Barnes Has Shifted Gears to Running a Comic Book Publishing Company

Published on January 10, 2021

Rodney Barnes has been in Hollywood for a while now. He became widely known thanks to being a screenwriter and executive producer for the award-winning animated show on Cartoon Network called The Boondocks. What originally was a comic strip in the funnies section of the newspaper later became a critically-acclaimed TV hit show. This was a natural fit for Rodney given his love affair with comics since he was a kid.

As a young boy, Rodney loved reading comics. He couldn’t wait until he could get over to the Royal Farm Store in Annapolis, Maryland and see the new comic books they had. Later on, Rodney and his friend would drive to Baltimore to get to Geppi’s Comic world. If there was something with Batman or Green Lantern, Rodney would pounce on it right away.

This lifelong love of comic books led to him penning graphic novels of his own. Killadelphia was a very popular one whose demand became so high, and created so many fans, that Rodney had ended up creating an expanded universe. It’s not every day that a storyline comes out featuring an undead vampire version of the second president of the United States, John Adams!

While the first graphic novel in the Killadelphia series was published under Image Comics, the following iterations of the series are being published through Zombie Love Studios. This is the brainchild of Rodney Barnes, and is something he has had his sights set on doing for some time now.

Zombie Love Studios is focused on publishing graphic novels. It has already produced a long list of graphic novels being released through it. These include the continuation of the Killadelphia series, as well as others like Elysium Gardens, Monarch, Florence and Normandie, and Crownsville. This is all just the beginning. With the amount of passion and love Rodney has for comic books, there are bound to be many more releases in the coming months and years.

This isn’t the only company Rodney has recently launched. He has also established Rodney Barnes Productions, which is going to be his film company. As much as he loves comic books, he also enjoys producing shows, which is evident when you look at The Boondocks, Everybody Hates Chris, American Gods, and others. While we don’t know much yet about what will be delivered through his film company, Rodney is sure to impress us.

While he used to write comic books that were published under other publishing companies, Rodney Barnes has locked in a means of producing and distributing graphic novels on his own through Zombie Love Studios. Combining his love of comic books with his enjoyment of horror, Rodney has created something that is sure to gain more prominence in the coming months and years.

To learn more about his new publishing and film companies, you can head over to his website. You can also check out the latest from Zombie Love Studios by going to the official website.

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