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Award Winning Branding Agency – Artistic Initiative Agency

Published on February 11, 2021

The Artistic Initiative Agency is the 4th fastest growing digital marketing company in the entire United States at the moment. They house a variety of skills, talents, and relationships, and have met every criteria in our book to be included in our feature today.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, The Artistic Initiative Agency packages Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Branding, Copywriting, Photography, and Videography all under one roof. It’s a multi-verse of talent that no other company has currently been able to offer, and we’re freaking out over it! I mean, if you’re on a journey to build a brand, gain notoriety, obtain validation, and output high quality content, then The Artistic Initiative Agency is quite literally the perfect fit for you.

With the vast array of skills they encompass, they have the ability and industry knowledge to turn a nobody into somebody within a 12 month contract with them. The Artistic Initiative Agency has gained businesses and individuals a surreal amount of social influence by offering a full turn key solution to worldwide recognition.

One of the more notable brands they’re currently building is one for 4 year old Noah Ezekiel, better known on YouTube as Noah The Popstar. Noah The Popstar is a public case study that The Artistic Initiative Agency is building single handedly from the ground up. Since the first week of January they’ve been able to push Noah into multiple publications, including Yahoo! News, garnish his YouTube channel with over 100K views, obtain 550+ subscribers, and acquire over 7,000 followers on Instagram.

Noah The Popstar is just one case in the list of clients currently involved with The Artistic Initiative Agency. We’re proud to be the first to announce that The Artistic Initiative Agency will be featured on the popular ENTREPRENEUR magazine and website in the next month, and they’re also in the running to make the INC 5000 this year in 2021.

For more information on the Artistic Initiative Agency please visit their website or social pages below.

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