Asian-American Television & Film Festival Held in New York

Published on January 11, 2019

The 2018 Asian-American Television & Film Festival, organized by the Asian-American Television & Film Alliance, took place spectacularly this past October 25th  and 26th in New York City, featuring high-profile events including the Asian-American Television & Film Alliance Forum and the lavish Golden Oak Award ceremony. As a high-end platform to promote East-West cultural communication and international television and film collaboration, the Asian-American Television & Film Festival honors creators, performers, and shapers of the best of the best domestic and international films and television dramas. Among those spotlighted in ’18: “Operation Red Sea,” “The Way We Were,” “Women in Beijing,” “Negotiator,” “The Drug Hunter,” “Perfect Youth,” “Banna Wind Cloud,” “How Far Is the Way Home,” and “Imagine Me Without You.” These and more than another 100 outstandingly diverse films and TV dramas were candidates for coveted Golden Oak awards.

More than 100 International Film and TV Dramas in Competition in the U.S.

The Asian-American Television & Film Festival serves to forge cultural exchange between East and West, to connect television and film elites from both hemispheres, and to add awareness regarding Asia’s television and film masterpieces and Asian cultural distinctions, by offering a deeper, richer, more profound global platform.

2018’s second annual Asian-American Television & Film Festival celebrated internationally relevant film and television drama, studies in realism, suspense tales, costume dramas, military productions, period-pieces, ethnic renditions, and other genres. Benchmark productions of varying types and featuring distinct, identifiable themes—”Operation Red Sea,” “The Way We Were,” “Women in Beijing,” “The Drug Hunter,” and “Perfect Youth,” to cite a few examples—competed for this year’s Golden Oak awards. These film and television masterpieces showcase to the world the focus on the part of Asian film and television practitioners on global issues. The Alliance and its efforts highlight the worth, beauty, and value of that sense of mission.

International Relationships Established among TV & Film Pacesetters

The Asian-American TV & Film Alliance Forum has drawn talent from the television and film industries both home and abroad.

The Asian-American Television & Film Festival Golden Oak Award is an international award selected and granted by the Asian-American Television & Film Alliance, aiming to distinguish outstanding film and TV practitioners and productions that have made outstanding contributions to Asian and North American film and TV. It is awarded annually.

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