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Motion picture LOLA. © Antoine Allen Films

Antoine Allen’s LOLA Shows That Life, Love and Happiness Are Worthy Fighting for

Movie review by Cyrus Webb

Published on August 16, 2020

For those that have felt powerless, defeated and even worthless in life the movie LOLA has something that is sure to motivate you.

In his newest movie filmmaker, Antoine Allen gives us an individual to root for, learn from, and hopefully be inspired by. LOLA stars Taja V. Simpson, known for her roles in Tyler Perry’s Boo 2 and BET’s soap opera The Oval. We see her deal with the complications of fitting in, dealing with the challenges of love and life, and then after being assaulted learning to fight for her happiness again.

What I wasn’t expecting going into the movie was that the theme of fighting would be both literal and figurative. LOLA is fighting for her independence. She is fighting for the respect of her father. She is fighting for her own future. That is what makes this film so relatable. We all have been in situations where we didn’t know if we could overcome or not. Through LOLA, we see it isn’t always easy, but we can fight our way to the other side of whatever we are dealing with.

Tackling subjects like self-awareness, complicated family dynamics, sexism, and sexual assault, LOLA is able to entertain, educate, and inspire all in one offering.

For those who may have doubted their own worth and importance Antoine Allen’s LOLA shows that life, love, and happiness are worth fighting for.

You can catch the world premiere of LOLA at this year’s American Black Film Festival will be a virtual experience due to COVID-19, running from August 21-30, 2020. Registration for the FREE virtual event begins on August 21st at

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