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Antis Capital Announces AI-Powered Bot for Automatic Cryptocurrency Trading

Below is a statement by Antis Capital:

Published on June 18, 2020

The history of our organization, Antis Capital, dates back to the beginning of 2019 when our team of IT professionals began work on a unique bot for automatic crypto trading.

During our first year, we worked tirelessly to optimize and refine the algorithms that would significantly reduce the risk during trading and provide expert analysis of the cryptocurrency market. This led us to create a completely new artificial intelligence – the Antis Bot.

Our bot is now able to analyze the most advanced trading strategies with 97 percent efficiency. It also reduces the risk of closing a position with a minus, whilst searching for the most accurate moment to open a new position.

The way we have designed this bot allows clients to trade with virtually no risk. We believe that we have created an artificial intelligence product that will dominate the market among trading bots.

Antis Bot gives you the chance to make a profit, even if market fluctuations do not support your original strategy. In the event that the price goes in the opposite direction to your expectations, Antis Bot places an additional order to buy (or sell) at the current price, which allows you to get the desired profit with less price change in the future.

Antis Bot is designed to simultaneously start trading short and long strategies automatically. Our technical indicators ensure that the bot will enter the market at an optimal point when trading cryptocurrencies. The Antis Bot chooses different signals or uses a few filters simultaneously to reduce risk. By setting a Stop Loss to exit the position if the transaction is at risk, we are able to offer clients extraordinary reassurance and rates of success.

We are really excited about the future of our bot here at Antis Capital. We are looking forward to launching our product into Asian and European markets and allow new clients to experience a product we are very proud of.

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