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American Writer Harold Cohn Released New Book “The Lost Dutchmen Mine and the Peg Leg Pete Mine”

Published on July 10, 2020

U.S. writer Harold Cohn has recently released his latest work The Lost Dutchmen Mine and the Peg Leg Pete Mine. It’s a clever blend of research and insight that leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions about the balance between fact and fiction.

We spoke to Harold Cohn to learn a little more about what inspired him to write such a unique book.

“I’ve always believed that if you want to really enjoy the world you need to look for the myths, legends, and stories that are all around you. Sometimes it’s the ones which have begun to fade from some peoples’ memories that have the most profound impact when you talk about them on paper. It’s like you’re bringing them back to life and shining a light on them for a whole new generation.”

The idea behind The Lost Dutchmen Mine and the Peg Leg Pete Mine is a simple one; and one that allows the reader to learn, think, and reflect all at the same time.

“I wanted to combine my passion for research with the sheer joy I get from storytelling. The end result, I hope, is a book that feels like a companion from the moment you pick it up. It’s a piece that I’m proud to put my name to and one which I believe will give people the time and space they need to reflect on a truly unique and captivating topic.”

Combined with Cohn’s passion is a way with the written word that’s rarely seen today. This is a true throwback to the days when literature would captivate your imagination and get you thinking about something new and exciting with every passing moment. Just what you need when you want to return to true written art at the expense of short and sweet online prose.

We finished our interview by discussing what else Cohn is working on, and in what other areas he’s looking to make a difference.

“The environment and the world around me is so important, which is why I want to leave something for the next generation. I’m always looking for ideas about new areas to explore and research, and I’d encourage anyone who wants to reach out and connect with me to do so.”

With Cohn’s commitment to telling stories and shining a light on some of the most curious and fascinating aspects of the world around us it’s safe to say that the future is in good hands.

If you would like to explore his work further, or enjoy the fascinating read that is The Lost Dutchmen Mine and the Peg Leg Pete Mine, you can do so at, or via his personal website at

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