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Amari Fields: A Multi-Talented Rising Star

Published on February 14, 2021

Amari Fields is a multi-talented teenager on the mission. Amari Fields is a well known American Rapper, Best Selling Author, Youtube Star, Investor, Actor, Model, and even CEO of two successful businesses. Although he has accomplished a lot at just the age of eighteen, he continues to thrive. This young superstar has inspired tons of kids around the world, and this is only the beginning.

Amari Fields’ journey as an American Rapper recently started in 2020. His first-ever release called “Grind To The Top” blew up. After this song performing so well, Amari Fields dropped a hit song he is known for called “Love You Dad.” In this song, he talks about his appreciation for his father and goes on about the kind hearted person he is. However, his music journey doesn’t stop there. In just late November of 2020, Amari Fields dropped another song, which put him on the map. With this ongoing progress, Amari Fields has received many record deals and is expected to be a signed artist.

Amari Fields is more than just a musical artist; he is also well known for his book “How To Grow A Successful Youtube Channel.” He dropped this book in March of 2020 on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. Slightly after its release, Amari Fields was rewarded as the best selling author of his brand new book. This book got thousands of sales and inspired so many kids worldwide to read and do youtube.

Although these are significant accomplishments, his biggest accomplishment is his Youtube channel. With three active Youtube channels, Amari Fields has an estimated total of around 120,000 subscribers on Youtube. Creating videos from pranks, challenges, reactions, and much more. Amari’s journey on Youtube has been a long processed, and throughout this, he has faced many ups and downs. For the past four years, Amari Fields had the vision to do Youtube and, no matter what, never gave up. It is currently a few years later, and he is now a very successful Youtube star.

On top of that, Amari Fields models for big brands. He has worked with Fashion Nova, Shein, GFUEL, KontrolFreek, and many more big brands throughout his career. He can be seen on Instagram in the clothes the brands send out, and even with products they want him to promote, he has even been featured on several magazine covers.

The fun fact about Amari Fields is that our generation has yet to see someone as hardworking as him. Amari Fields has shown his will to be successful no matter what it takes and has branched into so many different ways to do so. As a result, Amari Fields has inspired so many kids to believe in themselves and do whatever it takes to become successful.



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