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Akil Henley on How to Capture Good Aerial Photographs

Published on April 25, 2021

Akil Henley is an American photographer who has mastered the art of aerial photography. For the past six years, he has been a photographer who paid special attention to aerial photography. His experience has grown leaps and bounds throughout the years that makes him stand out among the other photographers. Akil’s work speaks for itself, and it is completely in a league of its own. The Eiffel Tower and the NYC Instagram pages are among the popular Instagram pages that have posted his various pictures as reposts. During the famous French protest, his photo of the storming France made it to the Eiffel Tower Instagram page when it was reposted by the page. Being a multifaceted individual, Akil also enjoys his time on social media and is a social media influencer. He regularly posts some of his stunning photographs on his Instagram page.

Akil believes that aerial photography is unique in the fact that it can show the landscape and buildings on the Earth with more detail and from a different dimension. He does not only see the beach as the sand and water touching his feet, he sees it from 100 feet high and how the ground forms the shape. He vividly recalls how he knew there was another way of viewing the world the first time he flew a drone. Akil always got fascinated by how everything we see before us has a more unique perspective from the sky. With such love and passion for aerial shots, Akil has perfected his skills to become a world-class aerial photographer.

According to Akil, aerial photography is an art that is supposed to satisfy one both visually and emotionally. It will help if you have a combination of skills and the inner drive to attain perfection. Photographers like Akil are raising the bar higher for other photographers and creative individuals through aerial photography.

Here are some tips Akil shares on capturing perfect aerial shots

  • Timing

Aerial pictures are majorly taken while in motion. This may mean that the image came from a drone, helicopter, or any other airborne vessel that can look at the world from above and capture pictures. Timing is a crucial factor in determining the pictures’ quality and clarity. By working on timing, a good photographer can become a great photographer very soon.

  • Get rid of any obstacles

Removing obstacles in the way is necessary to ensure total concentration on the central point of the shot. To Akil, the anchor point harness is also vital for taking great aerial shots. If one is operating a drone, they must ensure that there are not many tight spaces in the surroundings to restrict the movement of drones.

  • Incorporate motion blur technology

Aerial pictures are usually taken in motion, hence the need to have motion blur technology to get clear and still images. The drone or plane also experiences some vibration that may have an impact on the clarity of the picture. This is why motion blur technology is important for aerial photography.

  • Perfect drone handling skills

Before the photo-taking session, one has to familiarize oneself with the drone if it’s new to them or give it to someone experienced in drone handling for better results. If one uses a helicopter, looking for a highly experienced pilot will help them get the perfect aerial shots of landscapes and buildings from above.

Akil Henley is the creator of the nFluencer app found on the Apple app store. Even without any prior background in coding, he taught himself to code iOS apps and created this popular influencer app for photo editing and sharing needs.

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