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Troy Adashun

After Winning the SuperHuman Games 2022, IMG Elite Athlete Troy Adashun Trains With Top Athletes and Celebrities

Published on September 19, 2022

Troy Adashun is a world-renowned athlete and entrepreneur who founded the successful supplement company Alpha Lion. Through training and athletics, he helps other athletes and professionals reach their goals. Alpha Lion’s products have helped athletes make enormous strides and grow since they became “Super Humans.” As Troy explained during our conversation, he was able to run an eight-figure e-commerce business while simultaneously promoting his YouTube channel, which contains a tremendous amount of valuable content designed for athletes and bodybuilders.

There are many entrepreneurs who go into business, and there are also many athletes who strive to achieve the same goal but fail. Troy has accomplished so much through hard work and determination, and I am inspired by his accomplishments. Lifting weights while playing high school sports was Troy’s main goal for pursuing Fitness & Health. By being more self-assured in his physique, he saw a greater psychological gain from strength training. This put him on the journey of becoming a Celebrity Fitness trainer, having worked with athletes like NFL players, Mr. Universe winners and major silver screen actors.

With over 100M views on his YouTube channel, Troy’s accomplishments are fueled by his long track record of fitness over the last 20 years. His students have seen massive gains because he combines science, nutrition, and cutting-edge exercise routines. Furthermore, he has been named to INC Magazine’s top 5,000 fastest growing companies of 2022 as a co-founder of Alpha Lion, a sports nutrition line. Troy hopes to continue his great work, inspiring athletes to reach their full potential.

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