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Adrian Fox Puts the Plight of the Bahamian People Front and Center in World News

Published on September 23, 2021

While indigenous communities all over the world in colonized lands have often lagged behind the advancements of their colonizers, there is perhaps no place where this duality is more evident than in the Caribbean.

From St. Lucia to the Bahamas, the wealth of the 1% and the resort laden beachfronts rich in tourists presents a staggering juxtaposition to the decaying, dilapidated towns of the islands’ native residents.

While regular day-to-day life is often a challenge for poverty-stricken locals, in times of severe ecological disasters- which often hit the Caribbean- the plight natives experience becomes a true life-and-death struggle.

This is not only the case in Haiti…but all throughout the Caribbean isles from St. Vincent and the Grenadines to St. Lucia to Jamaica and beyond.

One fervent advocate who is bringing global attention to the Caribbean struggle is Adrian Fox.

Adrian Fox- a native of the Bahamas- has parlayed his business success into a flourishing charity organization- the Fox Foundation. which fights for greater media coverage of the suffering experienced by his counterparts as well as a stimulus to socio-economic relief funding for heavily hit communities.

Beyond just his foundation, Fox has also become an essayist and media contributor, often writing op-eds where he elaborates on the need for funding bridges in times of need to the Caribbean people.

To learn more, check out Fox Foundation and read Fox’s recent expose in J Post.

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