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Left to right: Amanda Van Annan, Sophia Brad, Betsy Dsane. © Kanyele Ka-Ngwenya, Julia Davis, Abbie Fisk

Actress and Entrepreneur Amanda Van Annan Set to Inspire and Reveal All in New Podcast Series

Beauty and the Beat aims to deliver real thought-provoking conversation

Published on May 10, 2020

Model, actress and entrepreneur Amanda Van Annan is to anchor a new podcast that offers a searing under-the-skin insider’s look at today’s beauty industry.

Titled, “Beauty and the Beat” the series premiere episode is due to air May 25th and is being positioned as one of the first industry-related podcasts in the new post – #MeToo era.

It will delve deep into rarely discussed issues in the beauty and fashion arenas relating to body positivity, mental health, and personal development.

Amanda, the niece of late UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, is a respected industry influencer having honed a modeling career working with the world’s top designers. She has also forged a successful film acting and production career in America and the UK and is a serial entrepreneur.

She will be joined by co-hosts and friends, fashion industry and style coach Betsy Dsane and makeup artist and body positive influencer Sophia Brad to offer their unique takes on life.

“This is, raw, real, and upfront,” said Amanda. “We dissect and debunk the beauty myths and get face to face with reality and pierce beneath the veil of the beauty and fashion industry.

“We’ll be going into places that have rarely had a light shone on them and tell the truth about what happens behind the scenes.”

She added: “We also want to empower women and men with a new outlook on beauty through personal development, body acceptance and spiritual balance”.

“We want listeners to take away from the podcast, the fact that, “they are enough”; there are people interested in their stories and will be encouraged by them.”

The “warts-and-all” podcasts will also explore their lives, loves, and fashion experiences. “We’ll be talking everything from fashion to life purpose, to love lessons, career ups and downs, and hard-won industry lessons,” said Amanda.

“Coming from very distinct and different backgrounds, we will be able to add our angles, experiences, and advice on life lessons. We hope the podcast becomes a permanent and personal part of the lives of our audience.”

The podcast will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and their website

Stay connected on Instagram @beautyatbeat.

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