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Abdullah Almanna is Helping People Find Financial Freedom and Teaching Them the Mindset of Success

Published on November 09, 2020

Serial entrepreneur and investor Abdullah Almanna has launched his latest book aimed at helping people find financial freedom.

Having risen up the ranks in the corporate world as a Certified Public Accountant, Almanna has had a wide range of experiences with the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms, finding early success in his 20s.

Having worked with Ernst & Young among others, Almanna decided to turn his life around and pursue his passion for travel. Finding himself held back by the restrictions of corporate life and big business, Almanna instead chose to develop his own company and launch his personal brand where he now regularly travels the world and shares his journey with others looking to attain financial freedom.

Authoring several books including The Offbeat Voyager and the recently released Your Road to Financial Freedom – the entrepreneur is bringing his knowledge to the forefront and sharing his perspectives with people looking to make a change.

With his latest book, the entrepreneur wants to share the mindset and the opportunities available for anyone who wants to look at living in a different way.

The mundane 9-5 corporate job for many is unappealing, and finding alternatives to the traditional ways of working is proving attractive in our digital age.

Almanna’s latest book goes into depth about the traits to follow and how to apply a successful approach to business and living through a ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle. The concept is for people to have the financial options to leave their restrictive full-time jobs, and to get the opportunity to travel.

From his adventures in Los Angeles to climbing Kilimanjaro, Almanna has managed to travel the world while finding lucrative financial opportunities for himself, and it is with this mindset that he now pursues his adventures, and looks to enjoy the most of what life has to offer.

For many, getting the chance to leave their permanent job is an exciting prospect, but it’s often not easy to make the time or even have the savings to get by while figuring out the next steps.

“You really need to be committed to what you want, and where you want to go,” said Almanna. As an entrepreneur who has dedicated himself to achieving goals with a work-life-balance, getting to a place where you can have financial freedom should be a longterm goal, but one people can start working towards straight away.

To learn more about Almanna’s latest adventures, see his travel updates on Instagram or visit his website.

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