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A Sober Caddy: One Man’s Journey to Sobriety Leads to a Lifetime of Beating Others’ Addictions

Published on October 29, 2021

In 2020, data from the CDC showed 841,000 people have died since 1999 from a drug overdose. More than that, drug use has tethered itself to a younger and younger age, making drug addiction not only tragic but a cause for panic.

“That statistic is no joke,” explained Jay Staples, Founder of A Sober Caddy — a substance abuse and mental health creative agency — and in long-term recovery from his own drug and alcohol addiction. “Whether it’s a kid faced with this issue or an adult, there needs to be interventions, case management and consulting on the side of the families trying to help.”

Prior to 2008, Staples was a successful advertising executive at one of the top 10 ad agencies in the world. During this time, he worked on countless multimillion-dollar campaigns, as well as had a great golfing career. Then came his addiction.

A Sober Caddy: One Man’s Journey to Sobriety Leads to a Lifetime of Beating Others’ Addictions

“I know, first-hand, how difficult it is to change your life and get sober. Most people can’t put their lives on hold to try for sobriety, either,” Staples said. “That’s why I founded A Sober Caddy. I wanted anyone struggling with addiction to be able to work one-on-one with licensed physicians without having to put every aspect of their lives on hold.”

Families often face difficult decisions on how to treat their loved ones, and many rehabilitation facilities offer a uniform approach that may not properly address a person’s individualistic addiction.

Staples sympathized, “Those trying to help others going through addiction, or even someone who knows they have an addiction and wants to help themself, are faced with one of the hardest decisions they will ever make: what kind of care is the best care for my loved one or for myself? There are a lot of facilities out there, and the choice can become too overwhelming. With A Sober Caddy, I truly wanted to create a clinical facility that was easy to be part of and standby. Getting the help you want or need shouldn’t mean jumping through a million hoops to get there.”

A Sober Caddy works with clients of every background — from athletes and executives to students and parents. Their in-depth Recovery In Action Program empowers clients to live life sober, as well as provides a direct path to rewrite their stories for the better. The company also provides Executive Placement and Hiring for facilities, meaning A Sober Caddy can meet clients where they’re most comfortable and aid in their success without skipping a beat in life.

“My company is truly a unique resource in the substance abuse and mental health field. We provide a multitude of treatment options, which really just comes back to the essence of who we are as a company,” explained Staples. “We provide custom, individualistic help. We will not force your recovery into a box. We want you to feel seen. Feel heard. Feel respected in the choice you’ve made, which is to recover from a very destabilizing lifestyle.”

If you or a loved one is suffering from drug addiction or mental health problems, then A Sober Caddy may be the best resource for you. For more information on A Sober Caddy, please visit and

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