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“A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words”, and Who Proves This Better Than Our Ace Photographer Gabriel Maia

Published on February 01, 2021

Photography is all about capturing beautiful moments and Gabriel has mastered this art of letting people cherish their beautiful moments for life through beautiful pictures.

Brazil born Gabriel since a young age discovered that he had a penchant for photography. At the age of seventeen, his passion for art led him to buy his own gadget – an Olympus OM-2, which was considered to be the most advanced and expensive photography camera of those times. He started by capturing football games along with nature going to places like the Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Gabriel says he still treasures hoards of negatives that were captured with his first camera. Soon after, with the advancement of technology, he forayed into the digital photography world. With experience and years put into this field, he used top-notch brands like Canon and Fuji.

Being a family of photography lovers his children, son Bruno and daughter Rosiane also started showing keen interest in capturing moments through the lenses since a young age and both mastered the art to their best capacity. Gabriel states his daughter started pretty early as a teen observing him going through the drill. Presently a model Rosiane also handles the role behind the camera very well when not in the front posing as a model.

Somewhere in the early years during his various interactions with students, Gabriel heard about the Vogue Italia curated portfolios. Being a niche brand, they had a very strict selection procedure through which many experienced photographers could not make through the final selections. He thought of going through the grind by challenging himself to put his work through for approval. He, with his daughter, started preparing for the portfolio by going through the pros and cons that were involved for approval of Vogue Italia. They zeroed in Indonesia for the shoot and came back with some fantastic captures. Gabriel was amazed when he found out that his work was selected and presently also holds a place at Vogue Italia and Art plus Commerce, to everyone’s surprise, these also include some photographs clicked by daughter Rosiane.

Gabriel prefers shooting outdoors, where he can capture the real essence of nature. Having given the world the best through his work, there is more to come by this talented photographer for sure.

Newsdesk Editor