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A New Nipsey Hussle Album Could Be on the Way!

Published on December 20, 2020

Catching up with the multi-platinum Grammy-nominated music producer, Mr. Lee, he told us there’s a Blue Laces 3 on the way. The track was made before Nipsey Hussle’s untimely death, and he and Mr. Lee were already discussing plans on making the record. The song will feature a new verse from Nipsey and feature rappers close to the late rapper. Mr. Lee explained how this was therapeutic for him to find closure with Nipsey Hussle’s death and said this will be the last time he ever uses the sample embedded in the Blue Laces series. Blue Laces was going to be what Maybach Music is to Rick Ross. There are rumors that a new Nipsey Hussle album could be on the way! Mr. Lee is currently working with Trae The Truth, Dave East, and several other rappers on songs that feature unreleased Nipsey Hussle verses.

Mr. Lee was introduced to Nipsey in late 2006 by his manager Lee Resnick, who was friends with the label owner of Cinematic Music Group, Johnny Shipes, who had Nip signed at the time. Mr. Lee often referred to as “Nip” as his nephew, and Nip referred to him as “Unc”; both remained close until he passed away. Mr. Lee shared some of the messages and DM messages between the two. They always showed love and appreciation for each other. Mr. Lee also expressed that it was something special working with Nip and having someone around that loved music the same way he did. He was special, Mr. Lee said; the two hadn’t been in contact as much during the Victory Lap recording. Nip made a point to reach out to Mr. Lee and made sure he was a part of the album and expressed he wouldn’t finish the album without him. Mr. Lee said that was one of the most unselfish moments he and Nip shared. We will be on the lookout for news on the new Nipsey Hussle album.

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