A New NFT Collectibles is Taking the World by Storm

Published on March 02, 2022

It is about time for comic book fans to get their digital wallets ready because a new organization launches its debut NFT collection this year. These digital assets might revolutionize the entire market.

Introducing the Official Jokers Club

The Official Jokers Club (OJC) collects ten thousand unique jokers NFT collectibles on the ERC blockchain. With Joker Club, anyone can befriend celebrities from across the globe through fashion, watches, and jewelry.

Often perceived as an extremely evil villain, Joker saves Gotham from the corrupted and shady officials and violent gangs. Apparently, that’s what Batman could not do. He’s someone who sees things in the end and totally resolves the root problems. It does not indicate that people should be like joker, but they must learn something from him and do amazing deeds in the end and make great changes to the world.

The Official Jokers Club is a community that is founded in jewelry, watches, fashion and connects everybody globally to fix global concerns in each corner of the globe. The organization achieves that by connecting empowered individuals, making businesses and wealth through collaborating, and giving back to the community.

Joker Joins the Non-Fungible Token Craze

The Official Jokers Club has been a hot topic these days on celebrities among many VIPs and celebrities across the globe. Some of these are a few of Dubai’s super VIPs and Steve Aoki, the world’s top DJ. It is certainly clear that the Jokers are a thoroughly designed work, decorated in the new luxury fashions and embellished with the new luxury jewelry and watches, all of which are precise and detailed.

Official Jokers Club is Guiding People to the Modern World

The OFC offers support and guidance to people who don’t know how to live their lives and those who are negative and poor because of the current coronavirus pandemic. The Official Jokers Club has numerous events organized on the roadmap that will offer you the opportunity to meet VIPs and understand how to flourish in life.

Interested people who want to join the Official Jokers Club can mint by having a web3 wallet with Ethereum funds such as Metamask. They also need to connect your wallet to their official website and mint the NFT token on the launch date.

The club encourages everyone to join the pre-sale. That’s because the pre-sale purchases earn people a Joker Club membership. They can also join the whitelist soon before it’s filled up. Soon, anyone can utilize their Joker Club membership to access VIP space and the official online retail store.

What’s more, the Official Jokers Club will be offering some NFT giveaways. Joker NFTs will be given out free and gas fees to holders of BAYC (first 700 claimed) and holders of luxury watches such as Richard Mille/Patek Philippe/Rolex/AUDEMARS PIGUET.

The Different Tiers Provided

There are different tiers available at Official Jokers Club. Currently, there are three tiers, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. For the Gold role, users should be active within the Discord server while being respectful and helping out members of the server, but most essentially, having fun conversing with others. They also periodically offer a gold tier for giveaways.

The role of the platinum tier is reserved for collaborative giveaways with other projects and luxury watch owners. Further, platinum can mint one during pre-sale.

Lastly, with diamonds, whitelist status is awarded by hand to excellent members of the Joker community and those who contribute. This includes chat, Twitter sharing, changing usernames, and consistent efforts. Diamond will mint three during pre-sale.

To access Official Jokers Club, head over to their website at official-jokers-club.com.

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