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A Moment Of Feels

NHL released their campaign titled "Feel" in May 2019. The music was written by composer Armaan Biviji

Published on May 27, 2020

It was around a year ago when the NHL premiered its latest commercial, titled “Feel,” and as the title foreshadowed, we got ALL THE FEELS after watching it. The new ad focused on the positive impact the sport has had on its fans over years of unforgettable on-ice moments, as well as the interactions between players and fans on and off the ice, from puck tosses to charity work.

Inarguably, one of the key elements that brought the ad to life was the music. The solemn, yet emphatic piano inspired soundtrack provided a strong rush of patriotism and bittersweet nostalgia, that brought FEELS to fans across the nation.

Composer Armaan Biviji

Scored and composed by an established New York-based music composer and producer, Armaan Biviji, he shared with us his experience writing for NHL’s Feel.

“The NHL has always had undoubtedly powerful and connective energy and extremely loyal fanbase that spans the country. Truly capturing the essence of a journey that includes both victories and defeats is what I aimed to achieve. In this instance, from a compositional standpoint, less was more. A minimalistic and emotive piano track embellished with cellos allowed me to truly reflect the emotions behind the love for the NHL experience. Thanks to the collaboration with Massive Music NY, I was able to score the track for NHL’s Feel.”

As the St. Blues took home the Stanley Cup, NHL’s Feel aired across the country through May and early June 2019. View the ad to catch some feels here.

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