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A Conversation With Social Media Master Nathan Johnson

Published on September 30, 2020

In the world of online influencers, few individuals stand out more than Nathan Johnson. The successful online entrepreneur behind @weekdayrehab is known for his ability to take social media accounts to the heights of online followings and draw in lucrative advertising deals – connections that have helped him build a big side salary while still in college!

We recently sat down with Johnson to learn more about his story, and how he was able to find success online:

So how did you get started? What drew you to social media?

I would say that I was a social media “early adopter.” Definitely a native when it came to social media and the internet being a part of my everyday life. I created my very first social media channel when I was about 12 years old. While my friends were way more interested in playing video games and trying to build careers in little-league, I was more interested in seeing where the social media world would take me.

What was your first account? Was it a personal channel, or did it have a specific topic or theme?

I loved following accounts that gave you cool stats or funny memes, so I guess I wanted to replicate that in my own way. I picked a pretty generic topic – sports – and started posting consistently to the account with funny pictures, videos, and other things that I knew that I liked, so I figured other people would like it too!

What happened next?

My accounts started with just a few of my friends and other accounts that I liked. I never imagined that I would start building a following! Next thing I know, I have over 10 million combined followers, and other famous social media channels and personalities start reaching out to me. It was wild.

How did you start making money through social media?

Here is where I think the success is with social media – advertising. There are so many companies out there that have figured out how to reach customers online through influencers and people with big followings. Once my accounts started to grow, I started to connect with other influential names online, and soon I started to receive messages from brands and companies to feature their products in my posts! Of course, I said yes – and I couldn’t’ believe it when I got that first check from advertising money. It didn’t seem real.

Can we ask how much you are making now?

I try not to talk about numbers and keep those things private, but recently my company passed the 7 figure per year revenue mark which is a big accomplishment that I like sharing with my colleagues and brands that I work with.

What was the craziest part of the journey for you?

All of this was happening while I was still in college! I’m over here trying to keep up with classes, study for tests – and meanwhile, I have this side business that is growing like crazy. I had to tell friends that I would be late to things or couldn’t come because I’m trying to keep up with big-name companies that are asking me to make content that features their logos.

What is next for you in your life and business as a social media influencer?

I am excited to start branching outside of just the online social media influencer world and into a more scalable business. I am working on launching an online media marketing company that will help take the skills and experience that I have learned from building my accounts to help other people, business, and brands grow their online presence. I think that there is still so much to learn and build in the digital market, and it is only getting bigger! I want to be a part of taking the industry to the next level.

Are you looking for inspiration and education in the realm of online media and marketing? Look no further than Nathan Johnson. Johnson and other online entrepreneurs like him are continuing to define the future of the online market. Follow Nathan Johnson online at @weekdayrehab and watch for his new digital marketing website to launch soon!

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