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A Blueprint for the Workforce to Flourish One Year After COVID

eMindful provides key trends, skills, and values required to rebuild in the next normal

Published on March 12, 2021

This past year has had a profound effect on every aspect of our lives. One year later, individuals continue to struggle with their mental health and require new skills and structured time for self-care to cope. As organizations reflect on this, they can look to the lessons we have learned and the trends that have crystalized to begin to rebuild.

eMindful, the leading provider of live, virtual mindfulness solutions, has created a blueprint with data-driven insights to help leaders navigate the next normal and develop new skills that are necessary to emerge with a more resilient and productive workforce.

“The mental health crisis has put businesses at risk,” said Mary Pigatti, CEO, eMindful. “Organizations can no longer afford to not make mental health a priority.”

In a 2020 Employee Benefit Trends Study conducted by MetLife, 64 percent of the workforce surveyed reported feeling at least five signs of burnout, and 41 percent reported feeling stressed, burned out, or depressed at work regularly.

The blueprint addresses this problem and how organizations can protect their population and better serve their customers through destigmatizing and prioritizing behavioral health and wellness, creating a radically different workplace of tomorrow, reimagining employee benefits, and fostering an employee-centric culture.

“One truth that’s clear now more than ever is the intrinsic value of an organization’s greatest asset: it’s people,” Pigatti said. “By making a strategic investment in their well-being and shifting to an employee-centric workplace, companies can emerge from these challenges with the renewed focus, strength, and vision they need to thrive.”

One way that eMindful is helping organizations place value in its people is through the launch of its new program Skills to Thrive in Anxious Times. This program helps companies address anxiety and the costs associated with it to create a more focused and productive workplace.

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