20-year-old Imohimi Olugbenga Unuigbe, Also Known as Im0himi, Has Returned Better Than Ever

His newest release can simply be described as an Afro-Pop masterpiece

Published on June 28, 2021

The American-Nigerian singer-songwriter first discovered his love for music during his primary school days. His parents were firm believers of staying productive. They did not tolerate any wasting of time.. In turn, they had signed him up to learn: the violin, the piano, the saxophone, the drums, and even the tuba, all of which he participated at a city-wide as well as state-wide level. On top of this, he was also a select-member of his choir and continued to develop his voice.

In summer 2015, he decided to upload his first song to SoundCloud. “At the time I would record using the microphone of an old pair of Beats that I had. The sound was low-key trash but I was only fourteen, I didn’t care”. Around the time he would upload a new song every other week and with time, he started to grow a fanbase. His first hit was a cover of Brooklyn-based artist, Devvon Terrell’s “One Thing at a Time”. By the end of 2016, it had managed to accumulate over one million streams.

IM0HIMI continued to release covers but was primarily focused on his own original songs. In 2019, he had managed to push out some of his best work. This included songs such as Bongos, Catfish, and African Queen.

In 2020, most of IM0HIMI’s releases had suddenly been taken down. He later revealed that he had chosen to take a break from music to focus on himself and reinvent his sound. For the latter half of the year, he decided to also take a break from social media in order to get his creative side back. As a result, he has released what he has dubbed his “greatest song to date”!

IM0HIMI’s release, Hide N Seek, is a melodic Afro-pop tune that comes off as a summer love song with a mix of his pop vocals and the melodic trap style of fellow Nigerian artist, Jaey London. The two of them had met during the dreaded lockdown of 2020, which had kept most of the world isolated. During this period, the two had kept in touch. They had spoken about collaborating before but they were just waiting for the right song.

The song has already been an independent success and has managed to garner over sixteen thousand streams on Spotify alone as well as almost one hundred thousand streams across all other streaming services.

IM0HIMI is currently working on his debut project, “FINDING IM0 ” which is set to release later this year or early 2022. He continues to work on his craft and hopes to shock the music industry in the near future.

Lifestyle Editor