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1BLOCK – Japan’s First Virtual Land-Style Platform

Published on September 01, 2021

Digital fashion is here, and you can feel and experience it even more with the latest creations.

Money is now decentralized with blockchains. Almost everything is becoming digitalized, and the fashion world is no exception.

Shaping the New Fashion Industry

Back in the day, stylists had to create garments by sketching, assembling the technical files, and making the prototype pieces with accessories and fabrics. After that, they modify the details until the final validation. That process generates textile waste and was long and expensive until the introduction of digital fashion.

Speaking of digital fashion, 1BLOCK is the FIRST to offer 3DCG-based digital fashion in Japan. The virtual fashion platform uses the latest technologies like Blockchain and 3DCG to integrate digital marketing strategy planning, digital content development, and digital fashion. They aim to collaborate with more creators and media in the future.

Japan’s First Virtual Sneakers 

1BLOCK’s first product, “NFT AIR SMOKE1,” is inspired by the iconic, eye-catching silhouettes. These collectible virtual sneakers are notable for their rainbow color scheme, symbolizing the diversity of values. The hippies and eccentric movements of the past reflect on the sneaker’s flowing texture and unreal smoke running from the sole. Plus, pure exuberance embraces virtual sneakers.

The virtual fashion platform sold out NFT virtual sneakers for 5 Ethereum (about 1,400,000 JPY) in 9 minutes after their availability in North America.

Combing Fashion and NFT Technology 

1BLOCK believes that the virtual fashion market is not limited to sneakers. They expect the market to expand to provide more ecological, flexible, sustainable, and customizable fashion products.

With the use of the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTS), 1BLOCK creates the value of one-of-a-kind data. This technology creates digital data that comes with authenticity. So, the data owner can freely distribute it across the globe secondarily.

Never-Before Shopping Experience 

1BLOCK makes it possible for consumers, particularly fashion lovers, to experience a different level of shopping experience. Blockchain technology brings shoppers into the virtual space using their smartphones or PCs.

Shoppers can travel directly to 1BLOCK Shop, 1BLOCK LAND tenant shops, and NFT marketplace to purchase products using credit cards or cryptocurrency.

The Japan-based virtual fashion platform provides multiple sections according to various categories. So, customers have a smooth guide to the marketplace while exploring the tenant shops in 1BLOCK LAND, reflecting the brand’s worldview.

1BLOCK and Atmos Collaboration 

1BOCK collaborates with Atmos, which is famous for being the leader in street culture. This brand, inside 1BLOCK LAND, will sell NFTs. They ensure that their products are much more accessible to you.

Atmos have the desire to naturally exist in the fashion world, just like the atmosphere from which the shop’s name is derived. The brand shares the sneaker culture of Tokyo with the world through collaborations, test launches and the latest product marketing, and exclusive models with national brands.

Wear It Digitally!

Picture this: you are browsing the internet, and the NFT sneaker suddenly catches your attention. The flowing colors, enthusiasm, texture, and details cannot take your eyes off the sneaker; it is unlike footwear you have seen before.

Instead of seeing or wearing it in person, you can wear it digitally. Many fashion lovers enjoy this idea because it is more environmentally friendly and serves as a new art form for social media. What’s more, digital fashion is super convenient, while the designs are endless.

1BLOCK enables creative possibilities in fashion to spring up. They do not want to get stuck in the conventional way of introducing fashion trends; they push the boundaries!

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