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16-year-old Social Media Marketing Expert Efthymios Savvidis on How to Attract Brands as a Social Media Marketer

Published on April 16, 2021

Social media marketing has become one of the key ways for any brand to reach a broader and more diverse target audience. Social media marketers are helping a lot of businesses and individuals gain a solid social media presence to be more popular among their users. Previously, most social media marketers were celebrities who enjoyed a massive social media following as brands saw them as the ideal marketers. They were already holding a position of influence over the general public.

But times have changed and at present, anyone with a massive social media following and reach can be a social media marketer. Efthymios Savvidis, a 16-year-old from Greece, is among the many people living their dreams as a social media marketer. Efthymios, or Makis, as he is commonly known, is a famous social media marketer, influencer, and entrepreneur with a massive social media reach on Instagram of three million users. He started his social media marketing career just like any other person. His initial step was to gain a following, build a brand, and then start providing his services. He has recently launched Advanced Media, his marketing agency to help individuals and businesses with their social media presence and brand reach.

Resilience and determination have seen Efthymios grow his reach on Instagram, enabling him to be a social media marketer. Growing your followers might be easy but creating a unique brand and attracting many others to come on board is challenging. He acknowledges that it takes a lot of time before brands can trust your abilities to market their products and services to a wider audience. For him, constant learning, sharing his knowledge, and making new friends regularly helped him gain a lot of clients. He has taken it upon himself to share with other aspiring marketers the things they need to do to build trust and work with individuals and businesses for social media marketing.

  • Embrace learning and continue learning
    Social media marketing or digital marketing, in general, is one field that requires you as the marketer to be informed. This is because the marketing practices keep on changing. What is viable today might be obsolete tomorrow.
  • Create a unique brand that offers value
    Everybody on the social media platforms is offering something. You need to design your brand to provide more than just content. Your followers need to be fascinated by the value you provide them. Potential clients are even more likely to be attracted to you when you add value to your followers and keep them engaged.
  • Create and maintain an online presence
    With or without advertisements, your presence online must be strong. Make it a habit to regularly post relevant content to keep people constantly coming back to your page. Networking with other marketers will also position you better as a social media marketer.
  • Follow the trends
    Trending topics are always an attractive thing for social media users. Unless you get involved with content that resonates with current trends, you can never win new visitors to your content and brand.

Efthymios provides social media marketing services to various clients including reputable brands, famous rappers, and Instagram models. You can connect with him on Instagram to know more about him and his services.

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