What You Need to Know About Social Media Rockstar Lorenzo Adams

A millennial sensation and entertainer, Lorenzo and his NerdBallerTV label

Published on April 04, 2019

Lorenzo Adams is what we can call a YouTube sensation. It is no lie that the dawn of the internet has enabled so many young people to rise to fame rapidly. This is owed to the creation of viral content. Lorenzo Adams is one of these guys that have transformed the world of entertainment. This article is a look at his life and what is the reason for his fame on YouTube and other major social media platforms. So let us get right into it.

Lorenzo Adams, famously known by his YouTube account name, NerdBallerTV, is a 28-year-old YouTuber and actor. He was born and raised in California from where he rose to fame while at. Lorenzo’s story is the tale of a true millennial. He has leveraged technology to help him rise to the heights of the entertainment industry.

By nature, Lorenzo is a pleasant human being that loves to enjoy life. He is an avid party goer as can be seen from the videos that he makes and posts on his social media handles as well as his YouTube channel. In these videos, Lorenzo is seen attending various home parties as well as street and pool parties in the state of Texas, specifically on 6th Street.

Lorenzo, though much of a celeb with a huge online following, loves to keep his personal life private. He even operates a private Instagram account. This has been viewed by many as a move to keep his life away from the media’s attention. A wise move you say since many celebs have had their personal lives intertwine with their public life. Many of the times this has led to there being bad exposes and a lot of social damage whenever something goes wrong in a celebrity’s life. It goes to prove how much of a bright mind Lorenzo truly is.

Lorenzo first rose to fame in 2005 when he was featured in the film Smosh. By this time, Lorenzo was a mere 15-year-old. Many people did not forecast that his popularity would rise rapidly as it did. In 2009, just when YouTube was gaining the attention of the online world, Lorenzo started posting on the platform. His first video on the platform was a vlog that he called ‘Playstation 3 for Christmas’. In effect, this was his first step on the ladder of success and fame that would follow after that.

As he started out, Lorenzo cut a niche for himself in the gaming world by posting gaming videos. He would record himself playing various video games and then share the videos online. This quickly made him gain a following from gamers around the world. We all know just how effective online and multiplayer games are at uniting people. The feedback that he got from his fans kept him going, and he produced even more of these videos. One of his most famous gaming videos is that of him playing Pokémon. Yeah, I see you there; you can remember that Pokémon wave that took over the world by storm a few years ago.

The big break for Lorenzo came when he made a parody video for rap sensation Tyga’s hit song, Rack City.  This video went ahead to garner 5 million plus views on YouTube. This was not the end of it as the parody video also got him to feature on a song, Pidgeotto by Shofu. This was a statement to the world that the YouTube content creator was here to stay for good. Next up was a feature on an episode of Princess Rap Battle in 2015. From there on, Lorenzo’s fame has been growing and growing even more.

As has been mentioned, Lorenzo owes his fame to the videos that he makes and shares online. You may be wondering what the content of these videos then that has made him so famous is. NerdBallerTV as his YouTube channel is known for sharing uncensored videos. We all know how sensitive YouTube algorithms are on uncensored material; Lorenzo has however perfected the art of sharing them.

In his videos, he dares people to do different things that make the videos go viral. Some of the things that people in his videos can be seen doing is exposing their nipples for the ladies and men being dared to kiss fellow men.

In one of the most recent videos on his channel is a challenge that he calls ‘pass or smash.’ In this challenge, there is a slideshow of women pictures in which Lorenzo asks his viewers if he should smash the ladies or not. This has sparked some debate online form feminists groups who have viewed this as women being used as sexual objects. In his defense, however, Lorenzo and the women featured on his videos have stood by their stand saying that all they do is consented to. Effectively, this makes the claims by the activists to hold no weight. To join in on the conversation or watch some of the videos that he shares, you can check out his channel NerdBallerTV on YouTube.

Social media has made this world a small village. There was a lot of debate at the turn of the century on how the internet is making the world a global village; this is true but all thanks to social media. As a millennial sensation and entertainer, Lorenzo and his NerdBallerTV label have been able to leverage social media to grow his brand and followers online. See more of Lorenzo and his content @NerdBallerTV on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.