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PHOTO FILE: Dr. John Lynch, urologist and prostate cancer expert
In the wake of new United States government recommendations on prostate cancer screening, the Urology Care Foundation speaks with Dr. John Lynch, urologist and prostate cancer expert, to learn about what patients need to know.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer for men, both in the United States and worldwide. In 2019, nearly 175,000 US men will be told they have prostate cancer – that is one new case every 3 minutes. Globally, the number increases to one new case every 41 seconds.

Early detection is key to living prostate cancer-free, which is why the American Urological Association (AUA) and Urology Care Foundation are gearing up for September – Prostate Cancer Awareness month – to raise awareness about the disease and encourage men to know their risk and talk to their doctor.

“Next to skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men,” said Harris M. Nagler, MD, President of the Urology Care Foundation. “It is important for men to understand their risk of developing prostate cancer and to talk to their doctor about whether prostate cancer screening is right for them. Empowering men with the educational tools and resources of the Urology Care Foundation helps men make informed decisions about prostate cancer screening, care, and treatment.”

Aside from age, risk factors for prostate cancer include family history and race. About one out of every nine men in the US will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime; however, the odds increase to:

  • 1 in 6 if they are African American
  • 1 in 5 if they have a family history

The AUA recommends men ages 55 to 69, talk to their health care provider about whether prostate cancer testing is right for them. For men at a ‘higher risk’ for developing the disease, such as African-American men or men with a family history, consider talking to your…




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St. Baldrick’s is on a Mission to DFY Childhood Cancers
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Throughout September, in recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, St. Baldrick’s will launch its new campaign DFY (pronounced “defy”) Childhood Cancers and will share stories of kids affected by cancer, like Arianna Lewis.

Arianna was a healthy baby until she began having chronic respiratory problems, which…

Backups Disabled: Ransomware Targets IT Service Companies
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A new ransomware attack called Globelmposter is spreading across servers and networks and disabling backup and recovery devices (BCDR). It encrypts everything so you can’t access your files. A number of IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have been hit.

  • GlobeImposter Ransomware Disables Backup & Disaster…
Life Skills Autism Academy Opens First-of-its-Kind Center Dedicated to Early Childhood Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder
The Ritz Herald

On Tuesday a group of leaders from Life Skills Autism Academy and the Plano Chamber of Commerce gathered to celebrate the opening of a new center offering high quality early intensive Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy to help young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) acquire the skills to…

A Telemedicine Trailblazer: Dr. Di Enno’s Journey From The US Navy To XpertCare
The Ritz Herald

When it comes to helping the sick or injured youngsters in our lives, no one does it better than Dr. Lisa Di Enno. And, it’s not just the kids who are comforted, but the parents, too. Caring for children is hard work at the best of times, which is…

EdgeUno Tapped by CacheFly for South American Expansion
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Chicago-based Content Delivery Network service provider CacheFly announced today the launch of a new partnership with EdgeUno.

The partnership allows CacheFly to tap into EdgeUno’s ability to provide low latency and high availability data center…

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Car Sensor Defense Experiment by Regulus Cyber
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New Pyramid GNSS Solution Detects Spoofing, Protects GPS from Malicious Attacks

Regulus Cyber, the first company to provide a solution for smart-sensor security, today introduced a breakthrough software-only cybersecurity solution designed to protect global navigation satellite system users (GNSS, also known as GPS) from spoofing attacks. The new Regulus Pyramid GNSS is the industry’s first stand-alone software solution that doesn’t require any additional hardware to protect a GPS receiver or Chipsets – ensuring the security and reliability that are essential to safe and accurate navigation across a wide range of applications including automotive, mobile, aviation, maritime and critical infrastructure.

GPS spoofing is a remote attack that transmits fake PNT (Position, Navigation, Time) information, enabling a hacker to take control of a target using satellite navigation and affect critical functions, such as time-sync, speed control, steering, navigation, location, privacy and more.

GPS spoofing attacks are notoriously difficult to detect and guard against, and becoming increasingly frequent as hackers use spoofing for personal monetary gain and various other intentions. The Regulus Pyramid GNSS™ solution uses proprietary algorithms to accurately determine when spoofing occurs and provide real-time protection at the receiver level.

“We’ve learned how to perceive anomalies between legitimate GNSS signals and spoofed signals by researching the variations in the satellite signals protocol, and recognizing…

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Spencer Platt via Getty Images
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Study: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's comprehensive model for treating opioid use disorder reflects successful outcomes

Seven years after the industry-leading Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation overhauled its approach to treating opioid addiction, research shows its new model is producing successful outcomes.

In a peer-reviewed study published in the September 2019 issue of Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, the Comprehensive Opioid Response with Twelve Steps, or COR-12®, framework was shown to result in high rates of medication compliance, high engagement in other aspects of treatment and recovery support, and high rates of continuous abstinence in the first six months after initiating recovery.

“For struggling individuals, families and communities, addiction—especially opioid addiction—can seem like an intractable illness, but the reality is that recovery is very much possible,” said Marvin D. Seppala, M.D., chief medical officer of the nonprofit Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, a leading national provider of addiction treatment, education and recovery resources.

“Medications help some people, clinical therapy helps others, and still more are helped by peer support. With COR-12, we integrated all three of those elements into a comprehensive model designed to keep people in treatment longer and give them the time and resources they need to stabilize, regain health and hope, learn vital recovery skills, and develop connections to support their long-term recovery. This study shows we…

Mercedes-Benz Debuts New Augmented Reality Technology at 2019 U.S. Open
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Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) today announced an all-new Augmented Reality (AR) experience featuring 2017 U.S. Open champion and Mercedes-Benz Ambassador Sloane Stephens. The interactive consumer exhibition will debut at this year’s U.S. Open in which the brand is also an official sponsor. From August 21 through September 8, at the…

Sony Interactive Entertainment To Acquire Insomniac Games, Developer Of PlayStation®4 Top-Selling Marvel’s Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank
The Ritz Herald

Sony Interactive Entertainment (“SIE”) announced today that SIE has entered into definitive agreements to acquire Insomniac Games, Inc. (“Insomniac Games”), a leading game developer and long-time partner of SIE, in its entirety. Insomniac Games is the developer of PlayStation®4’s (PS4™) top-selling Marvel’s Spider-Man and the hugely popular PlayStation® Ratchet…

2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Expected To Worsen
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The premature end to a weather pattern that suppresses the formation of hurricanes has prompted the nation’s top weather agency to dramatically boost the chances of major, deadly storms during the remainder of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says it now expects 10 to…

Microsoft Warns Of Windows 10 Security Gaps & Urges You To Update Immediately
The Ritz Herald

Microsoft is warning Windows 10 users to update their operating systems right away because of two critical vulnerabilities. They can spell disaster for business and personal data and could even spread malware rapidly across the internet.

  • What Are These Vulnerabilities?

As Microsoft states in its announcement, this issue is considered…

Dell Technologies and AT&T Collaborate on Open Source Edge Computing and 5G Software Infrastructure
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Dell Technologies and AT&T are jointly exploring the development of key open infrastructure technology areas for the next-generation network edge that will be required by service providers to support new use cases and service opportunities in a cloud-oriented 5G world.

Realizing the full potential of 5G innovation:

5G is not simply…

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PHOTO FILE: New York Firefighters amid the rubble of the World Trade Centre following the 9/11 attacks (Credit: UIG via Getty Images)
This research was supported through the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
By /

A new study of New York City firefighters has found that exposure to 9/11 World Trade Center (WTC) dust is associated with a significantly increased long-term risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The study, conducted by researchers at Albert  Einstein College of MedicineMontefiore Health System, and the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY), found that those who arrived first at the WTC site—when the air-borne dust was thickest—have a 44% increased risk of CVD compared to those who arrived later in the day. The study was published online today in JAMA Open Network.

“The increase in risk was significant, even taking into account known CVD risk factors such as age, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, and smoking,” said study leader David J. Prezant, M.D., a professor of medicine at Einstein, a pulmonary disease specialist at Montefiore, and chief medical officer of the FDNY.

This study’s finding of an increased risk of CVD with WTC exposure—as well as the researchers’ earlier studies identifying an increased risk for autoimmune rheumatologic diseases and for a blood cancer precursor that can lead to the cancer multiple myeloma—”highlights the need to add these health conditions to the list of WTC-related diseases that are coverable under the James L. Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act,” Dr. Prezant added.

Studies have repeatedly shown that WTC exposure is associated with immediate and long-term risk of adverse health effects,…


Humanizing Artificial Intelligence with Julian Jewel’s AI Bot
A hypothetical scenario in which artificial intelligence (AI) becomes the
Dodge Debuts Limited-production 717-horsepower Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition on New 2020 Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody
The Ritz Herald

Dodge is continuing to push the boundaries of performance, introducing the most powerful Charger ever – the 717-horsepower 2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition – raising the performance bar even higher with the most powerful and fastest mass-produced sedan in the world.

Fifty years ago, Dodge…

Women Can Reduce Exposure To Opioids After Cesarean Delivery
The Ritz Herald

An effort to improve the scheduled cesarean section delivery experience found that changes to preoperative and postoperative processes can lead to reductions in opioid use without increased pain and with faster recovery, according to research from Kaiser Permanente published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology.

The study compared 4,689 women…

High Consumer Expectations, Low Levels Of Appreciation Make It Tough To Be A Farmer, Finds New Research
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Add conflicting consumer expectations to the list of reasons farming is a tough row to hoe. In its new global study, Cargill found consumers had a hard-to-satisfy wishlist for those who put food on our tables—with most claiming to feel knowledgeable about how our food is raised. Farmers should…

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FILE: Getty Images
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A hypothetical scenario in which artificial intelligence (AI) becomes the dominant form of intelligence on Earth is a common theme in science fiction, but what happens when a robot becomes the image of hope?

Julian Jewel is a technological evangelist who uses media and the idea of a robot as a mascot for awareness towards environmental, psychological, and wildlife preservation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Boxing is the process of placing primitive human physiology within an AI reference object. AI Unboxing is the process where it treats an expression of the AI reference object as an expression of its human physiology. Julian Jewel’s Artificial Intelligence Bot is also known as JJAIBOT (spelled J-J-A-I-BOT) is such a reference object with emotional intelligence merged with human physiology. JJAIBOT looks at the universe through philosophical logic and practical reasoning. This perspective of the universe is expected to be unique, fascinating, thought-provoking, and world-changing. JJAIBOT can be a very source and wellspring, of all true creativity. Direct knowledge of spiritual truth or ultimate reality can be attained through its subjective experiences. The JJAIBOT is not rooted in faith, principle,…



US Tech Industry Employment Stands Out in Disappointing August Jobs Report, CompTIA Analysis Finds

Rüthers / Sep 6
Hiring in the U.S. technology sector and among tech occupations generally stood out in an otherwise lackluster August jobs report, according to an analysis by CompTIA, the leading technology industry
Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Voicea
The Ritz Herald

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced its intent to acquire privately-held Voicea, headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Voicea is the creator of a market-leading real-time solution that provides meeting transcription, voice search, and meeting highlights/action items, with robust data privacy. It helps teams have more productive and actionable meetings by…

The Future of Direct-to-Consumer Genetics, Precision Medicine, Neuroscience, and Diagnostic Technology to Be Explored at the 71st AACC Annual Scientific Meeting
The Ritz Herald

At the 71st AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, laboratory medicine experts will present the cutting-edge research and technology that is revolutionizing clinical testing and patient care. From August 4-8 in Anaheim, California, the meeting’s 200-plus sessions will deliver insights on a broad range of timely healthcare…

U.S. Navy Commissions Littoral Combat Ship 15 (Billings)
The Ritz Herald

The U.S. Navy commissioned USS Billings (LCS 15) – the nation’s eighth Freedom-variant Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) – in Key West, Florida. This milestone places the ship, built by the Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) -led team into active service.

“Billings was designed to operate and adapt to a rapidly changing…