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CDC releases 2019 AR Threats Report

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2019 AR Threats Report shows that antibiotic-resistant bacteria and fungi cause more than 2.8 million infections and 35,000 deaths in the United States each year—that’s at least one infection every 11 seconds and one death from antibiotic resistance every 15 minutes. The new report shows that there were nearly twice as many annual deaths from antibiotic resistance as CDC originally reported in 2013. Since then, prevention efforts have reduced deaths by 18 percent overall and by nearly 30 percent in hospitals. Without continued vigilance, this progress may be challenged by the increasing burden of some infections.

New in the 2019 report:

  • Antibiotic resistance threats list—The list of 18 germs includes two new urgent threats: drug-resistant Candida auris and carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter, bringing the number of urgent threats to five. These are added to the three identified in 2013: carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and Clostridioides difficile.
  • Watch list—The new report identifies three additional germs that have yet to spread resistance widely in the United States, but that CDC and other public health experts closely monitor.
  • Trends—For some germs, CDC studied how estimates of antibiotic-resistant infections and deaths has changed over time. Resistant infections and deaths from germs often associated with hospitals are steadily declining. Resistance to essential antibiotics is increasing in seven of the 18 germs.
  • Electronic health data—For the first time, the infection and death estimates for healthcare-associated germs were calculated using electronic health data from hospitals.

“The new AR Threats Report shows us that our collective efforts to stop the spread of germs and preventing infections is saving lives,” says Robert R. Redfield, M.D.,…




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The Galien Foundation Honors 2019 Prix Galien Award Recipients
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The Prix Galien USA Committee last night honored excellence in the biopharmaceutical and medical industry for research, development, and innovation at its 13th annual Prix Galien Awards Gala, held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. In recognition of the development…

Claritag Fast-Tracked For Rx Approval
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Claritag, the leading beauty solution for at-home skin tag removal was recently fast-tracked for Rx approval, exactly one year after their release. Claritag, has long been listed as the #1 dermatologist recommended at-home skin tag removal device since its launch in 2018 and has made its way into the…

Pediatric Critical Care Physician Awarded Federal Grant To Better Understand Sepsis
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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded Matthew David Taylor, MD, instructor in the Institute of Molecular Medicine at The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, with a four-year, $781,920 grant for his efforts to determine whether…

NASA’s Planetary Protection Review Addresses Changing Reality of Space Exploration
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NASA released a report Friday with recommendations from the Planetary Protection Independent Review Board (PPIRB) the agency established in response to a recent National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report and a recommendation from the NASA Advisory Council.

With NASA, international, and commercial entities planning…

Businesses Must Address Digital Fatigue And Consumer Privacy Concerns To Sustain Smart-home Demand
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While 54% of consumers say the internet is integral to their social lives, nearly half (45%) actively seek time away from their smartphone and other internet-enabled devices — rising to 53% among consumers aged 25-34. This is according to a global EY study, Decoding the digital home, which evaluates…

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The Alloy Fusion hub allows residents to control call boxes, locks, thermostats and other smart devices from a single, elegant touchscreen interface

SmartRent, a provider of smart home automation for property managers and renters, today launched the Alloy Fusion hub, which assists residents in controlling their in-home smart devices. For property managers, the hub is the next step in providing a seamless digital experience for renters. In addition, SmartRent has launched its self-guided tour solution, which enables property owners to offer a seamless unattended experience to prospective renters.

The multifamily industry has generally lagged behind owner-occupied housing in the adoption of smart home and digital experiences. This is partially due to the fact that renters do not want to invest in smart home technology for a home that they do not own. In an age where companies like Amazon, Uber, and Doordash are central parts of daily life, rental communities need better technology that improves the convenience, safety, and accessibility of properties for residents and consumer services.

“We’re still in the early days of smart home technology, so it’s no surprise that many people still equate having a few connected devices with having a smart home,” says SmartRent Chief Executive Officer, Lucas Haldeman. “However, to unlock the value of smart home technology for multifamily communities, operators need a platform…

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In line with its mission to reduce the digital divide and make WiFi access democratic, the Italian company Tanaza provides NGOs with license-free TanazaOS software with unlimited usage

Nowadays, the digital divide is still a reality. Most people in developing countries do not get access to the Internet, but also in developed countries, a significant percentage of the population has no access to broadband Internet.

For example in the United States, the cost of household broadband connection is the highest in the world -more than $55 a month, and a significant part of the population cannot afford it.

Innovation and technology are disrupting a wide range of markets like banking, retail, recruitment services, real estate, governments, educational learning, among others. Although many practices, products and services have evolved, without digital access, the long list of modern activities are impossible for around 4 billion people in the world who don’t have access to the Internet.

This can certainly be translated into a real disadvantage for people’s everyday life as it can mean missing out on information, losing opportunities to connect with others, or the inability to complete processes that rely on digital channels. The growing digital divide should be of high concern for both governments and private entities, which should advocate for closing this gap.

As part of the strategies to help narrow the digital divide around the world, access to free…

First-Ever Measurement of Neutrino Mass Paves the Way Forward for Neutrino Energy Devices
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Interest in Neutrino Energy is growing fast. Ever since the 2015 discovery that neutrinos have mass, scientists around the world have been scrambling to uncover the secrets of these ethereal particles and their newfound energy-generating potential. For the first time, a recent experiment in Germany…

Celebrity Endorsements Help Boost cbdMD Sales
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Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is no longer controversial. The public is becoming increasingly aware of its benefits because of celebrity testimonials and endorsements. In fact, even the legislative actions surrounding recreational marijuana are helping to boost business for retailers that sell CBD products.

cbdMD Incorporated is an…

UAE blogger Rashed Al Mansoori becomes Snapchat creative partner
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Rashed Al Mansoori is a social activist who is using the potential of modern technology to help close the skills gap for his numerous social media followers.
After receiving the Bachelor of Law in 2014, Mr. Rashed Al Mansouri began his career in the field of technology.

Having developed apps like…

Boeing Invests in Human Spaceflight Pioneer Virgin Galactic
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Boeing is investing $20 million in Virgin Galactic, a vertically integrated human spaceflight company. The companies will work together to broaden commercial space access and transform global travel technologies.

“Boeing’s strategic investment facilitates our effort to drive the commercialization of space and broaden consumer access to safe, efficient,…

LeoLabs Unveils Kiwi Space Radar
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LeoLabs, Inc., the leading commercial provider of low Earth orbit (LEO) mapping and space situational awareness (SSA) services, introduced a new era of transparency in LEO today with the launch of its Kiwi Space Radar (KSR). As the first commercial radar to track objects in LEO smaller than 10…

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Orbita's newest platform features provide enterprise-grade, end-to-end functionality to design, build, manage, and optimize AI-driven voice and chatbot applications
According to New Report from Voicebot and Orbita
By / Staff Writer

Orbita, Inc., provider of healthcare’s most powerful conversational AI platform, today announced the release of the Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report for Healthcare 2019. To develop this report, Orbita sponsored independent research by, the leading online publication and research source dedicated to voice and AI technologies.

Based on a survey of 1,004 U.S. adults, the report includes these key highlights:

  • 7.5% of U.S. consumers have used voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant for healthcare as of September 2019
  • Nearly 52% would like to use voice assistants for healthcare use cases in the future
  • 18-29-year-olds are the most likely to have used a voice assistant for healthcare-related services, but 45-60-year-olds are the most bullish on the technology

The 40-page report includes 20 charts, ten case studies highlighting today’s real-world voice-powered healthcare solutions, and 35 pages of analysis. It is available at no cost for download at

“This report is the first comprehensive analysis that considers how consumers are using voice assistants today for healthcare-related needs, explores features they’d like to see in the future, and highlights how provider and technology organizations have responded to the opportunity thus far,” said Orbita President Nathan Treloar. “Orbita is a known technology trailblazer in voice applications for healthcare and we are pleased to bring this research to our customers, our partners, and the healthcare industry at large.”

Teri Fisher, MD, said, “From a clinical perspective, voice offers tremendous opportunity to engage with patients in ways we never before imagined. This report provides valuable information for…


Microsoft announces new capabilities for a seamless, smart and secure IoT world
Microsoft Corp. on Monday announced new capabilities that further simplify the
Florida State University Family Medicine Residency Program Earns Accreditation
The Florida State University College of Medicine Family Medicine Residency
Neutrino Energy Will Power the Future’s Tech Sector
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As humanity has yearned for the stars, its energy output has needed to stay in balance with increasingly sophisticated technologies. Finding the manpower to row a Viking vessel was far less complex than understanding the engine operation procedures of a modern-day cruise ship, but at every turn, the human…

FDA approves second drug to prevent HIV infection as part of ongoing efforts to end the HIV epidemic
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Descovy (emtricitabine 200 mg and tenofovir alafenamide 25 mg) in at-risk adults and adolescents weighing at least 35kg for HIV-1 pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to reduce the risk of HIV-1 infection from sex, excluding those who have receptive vaginal sex. Descovy is…

VITAS® Healthcare Expands Hospice and Palliative Care Services in San Francisco, Introduces Virtual Reality Therapy
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VITAS Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of end-of-life care, celebrated the opening of its new office in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 25, 2019. This marks the company’s third office in the Bay Area, with additional locations in San Mateo and…

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Credit: Robert Galbraith
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New solutions deliver IoT innovations from cloud to edge

Microsoft Corp. on Monday announced new capabilities that further simplify the customer journey and deliver highly secured IoT solutions. These solutions help customers embrace IoT as a core strategy to drive better business outcomes, improve safety and address social issues by predicting and preventing equipment failures, optimizing smart buildings for space utilization and energy management, improving patient outcomes and worker safety, tracking assets across a supply chain, and more.

The proliferation of IoT devices is enabling companies to bring cloud intelligence to the edge, to create solutions that are adaptive and responsive to their environments. According to IDC,1 41.6 billion devices — including smartphones, smart home assistants and smart appliances — will be connected to the internet by 2025. Even sooner, by 2021, 94% of businesses surveyed will be using IoT, according to a recent Microsoft IoT Signals research report and, in nearly every case (97%), those companies are concerned about potential security risks.

“At Microsoft, we are committed to building a trusted, easy-to-use platform that allows our customers and partners to build seamless, smart, secure solutions regardless of where they are in the IoT journey,” said Sam George, CVP of Azure IoT at Microsoft. “That’s why we…



Florida State University Family Medicine Residency Program Earns Accreditation

Di Angelis / Oct 28
The Florida State University College of Medicine Family Medicine Residency at BayCare Health System (Winter Haven) has received accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). The residency
Incognito to Release a Home Gadget That Helps Earn Crypto While Sleeping
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Curious about crypto but put off by the complexity? With Node, a new plug & play device by Incognito, there’s no messing about with exchanges to find the best crypto to buy. Now, anyone can generate Bitcoin, ether and more, for less energy than it…

NASA Television to Air 10 Upcoming Spacewalks, Preview Briefing
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Astronauts aboard the International Space Station plan to conduct what may become a record pace of 10 complex spacewalks during the next three months, a cadence that has not been experienced since the assembly of the space station was completed in 2011.

Experts will discuss those plans in a briefing…

Tier 1 Cyber Certification Puts Cybersecurity Defense on the Offense
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Launched by government cybersecurity contractor Edgesource Corporation, Tier 1 Cyber is arming businesses with a new standard of cybersecurity through the launch of its Tier 1 Secure™ certification, announced today. This four-step program includes the most aggressive assessment on the market by the most elite team, and is designed…