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Me Vs. Myself album cover by Brian Vu

Ashton Traitor’s debut album “Me Vs. Myself”

Me Vs. Myself is in the right direction for Ashton, both as an artist and as an individual

Published on November 04, 2019

Ashton Traitor is one of the newest shining stars in the underground right now. You may have heard of Ashton Traitor from his emotionally challenging emo songs that can make even the hardest of hearts melt in an instant.

Ashton has released many singles previously, with several of them garnishing recognition in the underground scene within the past three years, but his newest release ‘ME VS. MYSELF’ can only be described within the cynical and downtrodden themes of emotional vulnerability.

Me Vs. Myself is Ashton’s latest album, which, as the theme suggests, is aimed at him fighting his inner demons. From our perspective, we see it all as Ashton is trying to help his listeners learn how to deal with loneliness. His songs are all pretty emotional, but when you properly look at the lyrics, you can see how he tries to explain his own life in the lyrics and describes how he taught himself to get over that.

Me Vs. Myself is in the right direction for Ashton, both as an artist and as an individual. Though most older songs by Ashton used a lot of uncomfortable autotune, this new album uses a much less level of autotune that is very comfortable for most hearers. Most old fans would say that Ashton has changed, but judging from a music industry veteran’s point of view, this is undoubtedly a mile in the right direction.

There are six songs in the album: Lay Low, Cursed, Melt My Ivory Heart, All Alone, Boxed In, and Belt or Bag. Ashton’s songs are available on Spotify for streaming, and you can also find some of them on his channel on YouTube. Plus, you can still see remnants of the new songs on his old SoundCloud channel. The album has reached thousands of his fans, the unique art-style of both the videos and the audio is what makes Ashton such an exceptional artist.

We look forward to seeing more of Ashton’s content in the future and see if he manages to stay on his current path, or head towards a new genre.

You can keep up with Ashton’s work by following his Instagram and Twitter.