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Tristan Barrett: Reasons to Venture Into Cryptocurrency

Published on May 27, 2021

Online business is a fast-paced industry that is experiencing rapid growth. The increased appetite for online businesses has created the need for an online mode of payments. This has led to brainstorming to find various means of making transactions possible, and cryptocurrency has proved to be the leading solution. Cryptocurrencies have become progressively widespread over the past years, and the number is continuously growing. Digital currencies appear to be the modern spectacle in the investing world, and some diverse types of currencies have been breaking records.

The current technological advancements and increased popularity of cryptocurrencies are clear indications that investing in the crypto markets is a viable venture. Though cryptocurrency is risky, just like any other high-return investment, there are exciting paybacks, and it has been classified as one the fastest ways to create wealth.

Tristan Barrett is one of the many investors who have ventured into the cryptocurrency market. At only 19, he is already a millionaire, and he is on course to crack $7.6M in Dogecoin this year. He turned $1200 into $500K within his first two months in the industry. His young age has not stopped him from venturing deep into the market dynamics, and he is already running an altcoin crypto hedge fund. He is the founder of, the first-ever automated crypto marketing software. Tristan is working strategically to position himself for more success in the cryptocurrency industry.

The increased popularity and interest from institutional players highlight more success for cryptocurrencies in the future. The institutional players are bound to pump more money into the industry, which is essential for growth in any industry.

Below are some reasons why you should consider investing in cryptocurrency:

  • Helps expand portfolio

Expanding in a new industry can motivate you to understand crypto well and how well it works. It’s easier to study unfamiliar topics if you have a little knowledge, and the better you know crypto, the better decisions you will make.

  • High liquidity

Cryptocurrencies have very high liquidity as they can be easily and quickly bought and sold, and the technological body of trading stages allows the use of a diversity of tools and tactics, such as limit orders (computerized buying and selling at a definite price).

  • Next big thing

Cryptocurrencies could potentially change the world. We can use crypto for transactions across countries without high fees. This will theoretically transform the banking and financial services industries. As it is being recognized as a form of payment, it can profoundly influence society. By investing now, you could get in at the beginning.

  • It’s a simple concept.

Traditionally, getting in on any investment is complicated, tiresome, and time-consuming.

With cryptocurrency, mutually joining and taking a portion is simple and instantaneous as you do not have to deal with any institutions.

  • Your money is yours.

Cryptocurrency offers you independence which is impossible with other ventures. You do not rely on financial institutions for transactions. You do not have to pay transaction fees. In time, it can develop the foundation of a justly open and regionalized economy. If you venture now, you can be at the front of it all.

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