Outstanding Achievement by Srinath Venkatesan

Published on March 15, 2022

Reliancesoft Systems Inc., a Fremont-based IT company, has honored its employee, Mr. Srinath Venkatesan, by Excellency Award for his achievement in the field of Software Engineering, Player Of The Year Award for his accomplishment in the Software Test Engineering, and Valuable Contribution Award for his hard work and efforts in the success of the company. The company has started this tradition in order to motivate its employees for their outstanding service to the organization.

Engineering is turning into the backbone of the nation in the industrialized world. Arguably, every technology needs a touch of engineering to produce the desired results. The demand for engineering talent is significantly high, and Srinath Venkatesan is counted as one of the most skilled engineers around the globe. In addition, Srinath has critical engineering skills that can substantially enhance lifestyles through innovative products designed to address consumers’ needs.

Furthermore, his diverse engineering skills are applicable across industries. For instance, he has made significant strides in revolutionizing the healthcare, education, and finance industries. Notably, efforts to improve service delivery in healthcare have been ongoing for a considerable period. In particular, we have witnessed some milestones like creating patient portals that enhance patient-physician interactions. Such a platform eliminates barriers to healthcare access, including time and distance limitations. In addition, it improves health care consumption as more people can consult physicians from the comfort of their homes. Notably, he joined other skilled engineers in designing operating system solutions in healthcare. The results were so appealing that this led to receiving global awards for his contributions. In addition, he has made optimum use of his skills and has created an even more significant impact in diverse industries.

He designed a strategic acquisition of a Boston-based mid-sized company into Hitachi data systems in 2014. His contributions were so influential that he was honored with global awards in storage computing and AI/ML. He desires to help companies build robust data storage systems and overcome the consequences of data theft. Srinath has earned global awards for optimizing internet usage across industries.

He is confident that his experience in the engineering industry is a crucial resource that every business should take advantage of to cultivate a competitive niche. With over a decade of industry experience, Srinath can guarantee customers that his skills have been tested and proven reliable in solving any tech-related issue. Furthermore, he has served across a broader geographical area.

Newsdesk Editor