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Published on October 17, 2019

Is Bwanaz relevant?

That’s a good question. In a world that’s dominated by a small number of corporations, you might be skeptical about how useful a company like Bwanaz could be. We’ve dedicated ourselves to assisting small businesses, but does that mean anything anymore?

How much can Bwanaz help?

The answer – a lot. While small businesses might only account for 45% of the GDP, 99% of all businesses in the United States are classified under the ‘small business’ label(1). That’s a massive number in comparison to the handful of corporations and major retailers that are strangling these businesses out of existence, either through design or mere presence in the market.

28.4 million. That’s how many businesses Bwanaz can help.

What Bwanaz is doing is giving these small businesses a chance to survive. To avoid being crushed underneath the unrelenting heel of Amazon, eBay, and other massive corporations. A small business trying to compete with them would be all but futile with the enormous difference of scale. Whatever a small business can supply, a corporation can get more for less. If small businesses can’t stock themselves with affordable products, they will disappear. That’s where Bwanaz steps in.

Bwanaz is providing a way around that impossible struggle, a chance for small and local businesses to stay alive in an era of titans. With nothing more than a simple membership, you can find all the supplies you need for your business in our online store. Thanks to the relationships we’ve built with suppliers and our US-based warehouses, you can get the quality products you need for your store far more affordably than you would otherwise.

Not convinced? Our Hanging Glass Globes are one of our best-selling products with tens of thousands sold. Now, these glass terrariums are available on Amazon, but when you purchase them there, you’re spending over 40% more than you would be through Bwanaz. That is a massive difference in price. A difference that could be yours. With our 12-month free membership, you’ll have complete access to our online store and all the benefits that come with that.

Free Shipping or Local Pick-Up: Many of our sellers offer free shipping for their products, or if a business is located locally, we’ll make the arrangements ourselves – which saves the buyer shipping fees.

Sample Products: Our platform allows buyers to purchase a sample before making large purchases.

Free Marketing: If you’re a seller, you’ll have your products marketed on major outlets such as Facebook, Google, Craig’s List, Instagram, and more for free!

Processing: For nothing more than a 4% processing fee, sellers will be able to move bulk orders of their products.

We Love Local Businesses and want to keep their doors open.

Bwanaz wants to keep the doors of small businesses open. We’ve been hard at work reaching out to the thousands of local business of Claremont, CA and we’re ready to reach out to more. Regardless of what your business is, a florist, pet store, gift shop, beauty salon, restaurant or something else, we have a place for you on our platform. A website to direct traffic towards, free marketing across influential outlets, world-class online support all for free – it would be a mistake not to join.

So yes, Bwanaz is relevant!

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