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Boutique PR Agency Ascend Agency Expands Brand Awareness Using Proven Methods

Published on February 14, 2021

Everyone knows 2020 changed and upended many things in society. Due to what has happened as a result of the pandemic, the digital space has significantly increased in its importance and necessity. This has led to skilled entrepreneurs leveraging the power of the internet and social media for their success.

While the internet has become integral to many businesses today, most do not know or understand how to unlock their online growth. That is where Ascend Agency comes in. As a boutique PR agency that was established in 2019, Ascend Agency knows exactly how to drive massive growth, increase authority, and establish a solid reputation for brands that work with it.

The team behind Ascend Agency is wholly driven to see its clients unlock their success. It wants to help rising stars in their respective industries and niches expand their online presence, as well as become seen as authoritative. This is all possible thanks to the publication of articles in news publications that share a brand’s success stories, inspiring messages, and more with a diverse array of demographics.

Ascend Agency understands the social media landscape well. That is why it wants to leverage the power of social media, along with its extensive connections with news publications, to help individuals and businesses who are not as skilled or experienced in these areas. Given its strong determination and perseverance, Ascend Agency has helped countless brands expand the success they already enjoy.

Online publications like Vogue, Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, and many others are targets of PR campaigns on behalf of Ascend Agency’s clients. These articles not only get shared with massive audiences through these publications, but they also appear at the top of search results. When someone looks like a brand on Google or another search engine, they will find authoritative articles that praise the brand and showcase it as a leading voice within a given niche or industry.

The goal of this boutique PR agency above all else is to provide its clients with exceptional service in the areas of digital marketing and business growth. Springing from a passion for helping others unlock greater success, Ascend Agency is proud to say it has helped individuals and businesses across a wide spectrum of industries and niches.

Increasing brand authority is key today. It helps show customers and clients that a brand is trustworthy and a prominent voice within its field. Greater brand awareness and exposure also boosts SEO and authority, which can help in the process of getting verified on major social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. This feat, which is usually incredibly challenging, becomes easier and faster when Ascend Agency is on the case.

If you are an individual or business that wants to expand your brand’s awareness, then Ascend Agency’s proven methods and strategies can help you. The team behind Ascend Agency has a tremendous amount of experience, knowledge, and expertise that will get you the increased brand awareness and authority you are after.

To contact Ascend Agency you can either go to their website or over to their Instagram page @Ascend.

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