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Road Scholar Launches New Environmental Program Series

Experts address the human impact of global climate change in selected communities across the country

Published on October 25, 2019

An August 6th article in Scientific American named July 2019 the hottest month in recorded history. From indigenous communities in the jungles of the Amazon to the Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, more and more people want to understand the causes of global climate change and are pressing for solutions.

Not-for-profit Road Scholar, the world’s largest educational travel organization, is launching six community-based programs as a part of a series called Our Changing Planet, aimed at helping participants understand the local impacts of global climate change, and more importantly, outlining actions communities are taking to mitigate and adapt to these changes.

Beginning in October, participants will be able to enroll in six unique learning adventures:

  • New Mexico: Learn about sustainability and traditional Pueblo dry-land farming techniques at the Santa Fe Healing Foods Oasis
  • Oregon: Learn how locals are working to maintain green space in Portland through habitat restoration and trail maintenance projects
  • Massachusetts: Understand how experts are working to protect Cape Cod’s evolving ecosystem
  • Washington: Observe what the San Juan Islands do to protect marine life, leave no trace and work towards food and housing sustainability
  • Florida: Learn how to inspire environmental stewardship of Florida’s coastal ecosystems from the Florida Oceanographic Society
  • Alaska: Voyage up the Inside Passage to see how glacial retreat is impacting the natural environment

“To understand human impact on global climate change, we must understand the science behind the causes of climate change,” said James Moses, President and CEO of Road Scholar. “We developed this new series of environmental learning experiences to provide insights into the science behind global warming and to learn about real-life solutions being practiced throughout the U.S. Participants will also learn what they can do in their local communities to protect the environment and will take away a deeper understanding of this complex issue.”

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