Four-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Lenny Krayzelburg, Rebrands Signature Swim Schools And Announces Franchise Push

Proven swim method for children reveals new name, new look and announces aggressive business model to expand nationwide

Published on February 20, 2019

The Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy, founded by the four-time Olympic gold medalist in 2005, recently announced a national brand redesign and development of a franchise program. Part of the rebrand included a new name, SwimRight Academy championed by Lenny Krayzelburg, which speaks directly to the swim method taught in his swim schools across the country. Additionally, the franchise offering allows franchisees to open and operate a successful business model in a vital and competitive industry. Over the next five years, Krayzelburg’s goal is have SwimRight Academy in every state and reach the international markets as well.

“Learning to swim is a critical part of a young child’s development – similar to learning to walk, talk or ride a bike – but it’s a skill that, if learned early, is proven to save lives,” said Krayzelburg, CEO of SwimRight Academy. “We have seen tremendous results based on our exclusive teaching method and feel strongly that our established business model, operating in an economy-proof space, can be replicated nationwide because we are providing a lifesaving skill that is imperative for every child to have.”

The early learning swim program is based on its own proprietary teaching curriculum, The SwimRight® Method. The purpose of the SwimRight® Method is to implement the swim-float-swim technique as a foundation, and then focus on providing children with increased confidence and knowledge that they are safe in and around the water. This unique teaching approach takes students starting as young as three-months-old from the beginning stages of swimming all the way to learning all four strokes.

“For over a decade, we have had the privilege of teaching swim lessons to tens of thousands of children in Los Angeles,” said the Director of Operations for SwimRight Academy, Jared Weston. “We are excited for communities across the country to have the opportunity to share our unique teaching curriculum with the families in their area. We are so proud to be able to spread our message of water safety and the life-long gift that is knowing how to swim.”

Krayzelburg started the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy in 2005 in Los Angeles and quickly partnered up with Jewish Community Centers to open additional licensing locations across the country in Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. In late 2018, Krayzelburg refreshed the brand with a new look and name (SwimRight Academy) and announced the start of the franchise model.

Newsdesk Editor