Education For Young Athletes: Tutors International Issues Advice to Parents

Published on January 23, 2019

Tutors International founder Adam Caller has this week advised parents to consider private tuition for children competing in sports at elite levels. Tutors International clients have found that private tuition is ideally suited to students pursuing a sport or other extra-curricular interest professionally. The flexibility offered by private tuition enables pupils to develop their academic and sporting talents concurrently.

This advice follows a recent BBC Radio 4 broadcast in which a Tutors International pupil named Alex – who competes in karting at an international level – and his tutor named Paul were interviewed regarding the merits of private tuition for young athletes. Since the interview was recorded, Alex – aged 15 – has gone on to win a major karting competition in Asia.

Adam Caller commented, “I’m thrilled that since Alex has had Paul as his private tutor and personal trainer, he has achieved incredible success in his karting career, and he also continues to excel in his studies. One-on-one private tuition can be a fast and effective way of transforming children’s learning and sporting performance. For Alex, his sporting commitments haven’t been restricted by his schooling, and similarly his education hasn’t suffered despite extensive karting practice and races.”

When interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s Caroline Bayley, Alex said: “Now that I have a tutor I don’t have to be restricted by school hours. Usually I spend Monday to Thursday doing schoolwork, and I learn the same things as other students but in a shorter timeframe. My one-on-one tutor can condense the information more because he knows me personally; he knows how I learn and the best way to feed me the information.”

Mr Caller added, “Since Alex’s sporting win, we have received a number of enquiries from parents of karters and other sportspeople who now recognise that traditional education systems cannot effectively cater to the needs of many young athletes. Education whilst competing at a high level in sport is so imperative that many families don’t make the most of the sporting opportunities available to them for fear of disrupting their children’s school education. It’s reassuring to see more families recognising the benefits of private tuition for young athletes, and the high volume of related enquiries we have received is testament to the commitment parents are making to both their children’s education and their sporting careers.”

Having a private tutor opens the doors to both sporting success and world-class education. Founded in 1999, UK-based Tutors International provides ultra-high net-worth families with a bespoke tutoring service tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. To find out more about Tutors International and the elite services it provides, including full-time private tutors for sportspeople, visit

You can listen to the full BBC Radio 4 interview featuring Adam Caller, Alex, and Paul here, or see Adam Callerdiscussing the private tutoring industry in a recent BBC World News interview on the Tutors International website here.